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How the System Works

Form Submission

The website visitor will submit their requirements using our form.

Manual Approval

Our team will manually inspect the details for quality assurance.


Upon approval, the system will deliver the qualified lead via email.

Result Based Pricing

Cost-per-lead is an effective method to allocate your budget while cost-per-click mediums can be carry uncertainty!

Filter Unwanted Leads

Our system allowed you to filter unwanted answers from our forms. Simply choose only the answers you wish to receive!

Level of Competition

The only differences between categories are the price per lead and the number of providers that will receive the leads.

Getting Started


Register a free, no-obligation account using the Registration Page to access our client portal.


Deposit funds using Paypal. The cost-per-lead is the minimum balance required to subscibe for the category.


The only difference between categories is the number of competitors that receive the same lead.

Start receiving quality leads today!
Quality Leads

Quality is what we believe in and is the foundation of mission. If at anytime you believe the lead was a fake or "unqualified" to count as a lead, send it back! We want to make sure you have equal opportunity to gain business from every potential lead.

Targeted Sources

We have picked the top sites that attract targeted visitors that are most likely to purchase a VPS. We make sure to attain all the valuable information that you would need to understand their needs! Does your site do that for you?

Outstanding Value

Pay-per-click advertising can cost more than $20 per click without any guaranteed leads, that's not value! Value is when you pay per lead and receive all the information you need while knowing the number of service providers you are competing against.